Parissa Sugar Wax (Roll-On)

Parissa Sugar Wax (Roll-On)

  • Roll-on Waxing: Applicator rollers mean you can apply the perfect layer of wax each time.
  • Washable Formula Wax: This sugar based wax cleans away easily with water.
  • Safe & Gentle: This sugar wax formula is safe and gentle on sensitive skin.

Kit contains: 140 ml wax, 2 roller types (wide & narrow), 20 strips, photo instructions.

Parissa Roll-on Body Sugar comes with two applicator heads for simple waxing. This applies the perfect thin layer of wax. Gentle on skin and water washable.

  • How do I use it? Gently warm Parissa Wax: Microwave or Parissa Wax Warmer or hot water bath. Roll on thin layer of wax in the direction of hair growth. Press on fabric strips and zip away. Clean-up or remove any excess wax with warm water.

  • Parissa’s ingredients are safe, gentle and from natural, sustainable sources. We only use the good stuff. Some ingredients found in this Parissa wax: Sugar.
    • Sugar is derived from the sugarcane plant.

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