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Hot Wax 480 g (Professional Size) | At-Home Waxing Kits

Hot Wax 480 g (Professional Size)

  • Bikini & Brazilian: Professional style wax for bikini & Brazilian waxing, works on short coarse hair.
  • Strip Free: No fabric strips are needed. This wax firms as it cools and the wax becomes the strip.
  • Sensitive skin: Beeswax makes this wax ideal for sensitive skin areas, face and underarms.
Wax Ingredients:

Gum Rosin



Canola oil

Product Contains

  • 12 x 40g wax. Total = 480 g (16 oz.)

Complete Waxing Guides

Get in touch with Parissa for salon account sign-up & pricing details: hello@parissa.com. Unfortunately we can only offer salon pricing to our salon customers. If you're a long time purchaser of Parissa Hot Wax re-fills please also get in touch via email with your past purchase orders as we have customer loyalty / long-time customer discounts.

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