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*220V Wax Warmer (Electric Plug-in Heating Plate) | At-Home Waxing Kits

*220V Wax Warmer (Electric Plug-in Heating Plate)

Please note: this Parissa Wax Warmer is for use with a 220V power supply. This is NOT for usage in North America & Mexico and is using a type C plug.

Easy to use, simply plug-in and turn on. Do not leave the wax unattended while warming. Warming will take 10-30 minutes depending on the wax you are using and the temperature where you are. When the wax is liquid and a honey consistency, it is ready to use. Leave the wax pot on the warmer while you are waxing, it will not get too hot. It is designed to keep wax at the perfect temperature.

  • Perfect wax temperature: Gently heats & maintains the perfect temperature for waxing.
  • Easy to use: Simply plug in and turn on. No more stopping to re-heat wax during treatments.
  • Designed for Parissa: For at-home use with Parissa waxes. (Recommended not to use with professional sizes).
Product Contains
  • 1 Plug-in electric heating plate.

Do you live in North America? Purchase the 120V power supply Parissa Wax Warmer here

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