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Waxer Reviews

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Amazing Product!

I absolutely love this product! I used to go to European Wax Center for all my waxing needs, but after accumulated visits, it got too expensive. So I started looking for waxes that were similar to the wax used at the European Wax Center. I found the Parissa hot wax to be very similar and loved the strip free aspect of it!! It gets the job done perfectly!! The only thing I recommend with this wax is to get the wax warmer that is sold separately, if you don’t have an electric stove. I say this because the other day, when I was heating up the hot wax, I used boiling water to melt the wax and it was a pain. I would get the wax warmer myself but it’s sold out :(.

So easy and really clean job!

Saw Parissa at the Women's Show in Toronto a couple of weeks ago and got a couple of samples. Tried one this morning on my upper lip. Wow! I will definitely get some. Glad it is available at the pharmacies. Thank you!

Formula Changed

I have been using this product for over two years. I always liked it as it was much cheaper than getting waxed in the salon, and after many years of getting professional waxing, I had a decent grip on how to do it on myself. It had worked for me up until 2 months ago. I think they must have changed their formula because now it makes my arm pits swell, and they are SOOOO itchy, and bumpy, and red. I've tried this new formula three times and gave it the benefit of the doubt as I thought it may have been me (wax too hot, hair too long etc). But to no avail. PAIN!! I do recommend trying still as it is much cheaper and more convenient than a salon. And if you don't react, great. But please, parissa, go back to the old formula :(

Hi Jaymee! We're sorry to hear that you've had this experience recently using our Warm Wax. We haven't changed the formula, so you shouldn't be experiencing anything different than before. Get in touch with us at hello@parissa.com and we'd be more than happy to help! :)
Love it!

Ever been frustrated why waxing strip manufactures put only 2-4 oily wipes in the pack? Well, this product solves the problem! It removes the leftover wax perfectly, not too greasy, not smelly or sticky. I believe I have fewer in-grow hair now or maybe I'm becoming better at waxing, not sure. The only downside that it comes only in a spray form and sometimes, when there is a little left, the spray doesn't as work well and it starts leaking a bit. But apart from that, I absolutely love this product!

Fabulous wax, best I’ve ever used in over a decade! but

I love this wax, but I have two serious cons, the most major is the plastic jar, it is the only reason I’ve been looking for another waxing option, the second is kind of related, but this system seems it can only warm up with the electrical warmer which I have, but I don’t have an outlet in the only room I can wax in. So this means I have to squeeze into our tiny washroom and wax my legs on the counter, which hurts and is awkward. Other sugar based waxing systems have the option to be warmed in a pot of boiling water and stay in it during the waxing to keep the formula warm. I wouldn’t want to try this with this plastic jar, which is why the two requests are related. Please make this in a glass jar...otherwise, best wax I’ve ever used, easy to wash off too. Takes a small learning curve, I’ve found that having the wax really runny works for longer body hair, and having it just barely warm and really thick and gummy will remove incredibly short hair, but it’s a game of temperature. Another reason why I’d love to have a pot to warm it in, is then you can stick a cooking thermometer inside, learn your best temps for certain body areas and stop guessing. It has taken me a lot of practice to figure out how many minutes of warming it takes for the wax for each area of my body to get the best results. That’s the only reason I took a star down, if you make this jar in glass, and let us warm it in a pot, then we can not be mandated for electricity, be zero waste, and measure the temps


I have used waxes, bleach, creams for years do my upper lip. I have never been this impressed. I did creams until I realized hair would return in 4 days. Then I moved to wax strips, then to microwaveable wax. It was convenient and easy so I tuck with it. I recently move and no longer have a microwave so I ventured to try something different. I got the stove top wax. I have NEVER seen so much hair come off in one application. I now found my new obsession. And will never go back to my old reliables again.

The Best

i won a gift package last year and oh my gosh the Parissa products were so amazing. Shh even my husband uses them. I love the blue azulene oil and the strips for face and bikini area as a matter of fact i will have to order more next week which is payday. Guys try it all cause it is so awesome.

i love this product

I usually buy the wax that you have to warm up in the microwave, apply with stick and place cotton strip to remove. It was always messy, and time consuming. These strips were great. Place on, and remove. I was done two legs in half the time of the other method. I love this product. My new waxing strips from now on. Give it a try. I think you will like it too.

zzParissa Sugar Wax Starter Pack
Never spend tons of $$ again at the esthetician!

I have been using the Parissa sugar wax for years now and I LOVE it ! I’ve learned to do my bikini area myself, ( enough practice and you become a pro ) in addition to doing my own eyebrows. Sometimes I wax my own legs too but I mostly use it for the first two ... I was tired of paying upwards of 40-50$ EVERY TIME to get my bikini done, so I was happy to invest in the bigger cans of wax and the wax warmer. Spend 50$ here and you will save hundreds of $ in the long run! And I love the fact that it’s water soluble , so if you do end up dripping it on the floor , counter etc. clean up is a breeze. Overall a fantastic product !!

Love this pen!

This pen is amazing! I did try it cold, but it's best if it's warmed so you can control the amount of wax that comes out and for accurate application. It's like getting your brows done professionally, but when you want!

Skeptical at first...

I usually get my brows professionally waxed, but I came across this brow pen so I thought I'll give it a try. I followed the instructions and heated it up in a a cup of hot water, did 20 clicks or so and applied. The first time I didn't remove any hair, but that's because I put the wax on WAY too thick. When I put on a super thin layer, the wax worked wonderfully! By my third use, I can do my brows in under 10 mins, no joke. This brow pen saves me time AND money, I couldn't praise this product enough!

easy peasy brows

I usually use the Brow mini strips so I was excited to try this new product! At first the wax was too thick, but then I heated it as per instructions in the cup of hot water and it worked so well. The wax was thinner and went on easily. It was even easier than the mini strips to get the wax onto a small area really accurately. The wax worked really well too and removed everything in one go. I think I'm a new convert! (but don't forget to warm the pen it makes such a difference)

Perfect for the face!

This is such an awesome product for little areas! I use it for touch-ups and on my face. The blue azulene oil is really great too and makes it easy to clean. Awesome product

zzParissa Sugar Wax Starter Pack
So good & natural you can even eat it!

I love that this is totally natural! I have very sensitive skin, and my body doesn't react to this regardless of where I use it - thank you! This product works really well for me, as I have fine hair but my friend tried it and it was a little more tricky as she has thicker hair. The best part is it's so easy to clean & the warmer keeps it warm as you wax, so you don't need to constantly go heat it.

zzParissa Warm Wax Starter Pack
Warm Wax is the BEST

If you've never used warm wax before, you're in for a treat! It's super effective and easy to use with the warmer - you can keep the wax warm as you go! The gloves are also fab! I use this wax on my legs & underarms.

zzParissa Wax Strips Starter Pack
The best!

This kit is such a life-saver! I love the gloves to exfoliate & it's great if you don't have much time too

Love this stuff

Love this stuff. I use it to wax my armpits...it allows me to go longer between waxing and the hair is much finer and thinner when it grows back in. As for the product, I purchased the warmer with it and turn it on about 30 minutes before I need to use it. The wax heats and works like a charm. You will have to purchase more wooden sticks but I just ran to the store and bought a pack of 20 Popsicle sticks, they work perfectly. My only issue is that the wax doesn't seem to work very well in the bikini area...I won't go into detail, but it wasn't pretty. I would recommend doing a very small test strip for new waxing locations. Good Luck!

I actually like this moreeee than the hard wax now

I absolutely adore this wax. I usually gravitate towards hard strip-less wax which I stopped purchasing since I couldn't find any that were cruelty free. In fact, it was almost impossible to find a cruelty free wax, so when I found this one I was so excited. I was very skeptical with the instructions of applying the thinnest layer possible to remove the most amount of hair (opposite of hard wax), but was pleasantly surprised. I actually like this moreeee than the hard wax now! Applys warm, not hot- which is great. And when you pull it off it truly only pulls the hair, not the skin. I'm going to keep purchasing this in the future, so glad I found this brand!

This product saves me a ton of time and money

I have course hair that grows back very quickly. I shave my legs, and they're "prickly" by the next morning. I have spent a greater chunk of my life trying to find a solution to my hair problems. Shaving has been what I have done mostly in the past (for my legs). Recently I have gotten tired of buying expensive razor cartridges that cost me about $35 at Costco. I started experimenting with waxing my legs. Great results so far. I just went and got a sally hansen microwave wax kit and it has worked well for a few months. I have heard about Parissa wax, and decided I would try it. First off, the wax seemed of much higher quality than the sally hansen one. It seemed to grab the shorter, prickly hairs (hair grows in cycles, and I am NOT waiting until all of my leg hair is 1/4 in long...GROSS). The wax lasted for a greater area, and I used less strips. This is a really easy product to use, and I plan on buying more. A half-leg wax at a salon costs about $35 here + tax and tip. I bought the sally hansen wax for $11 with a coupon. And the Parissa wax has gotten it down even further at roughly $9.75! I use a razor every once in a while to get some missed spots or if I'm in a rush...I think I'll be using 4 or less a year at this point. So, all around great money saver. I love not having to worry about being prickly when someone brushes up against my leg!

WHat a SUPER pack !

I saw this on Facebook and I was a little worried.. but I really wanted to start waxing my underarms. Holy moly, this stuff works SO well! I had tried wax strips on my underarms before and they didn't work well. It was awesome to get everything in this pack, the wax warmer plate made it super easy to manage the hot wax. I also tried doing my upper lip and I was super pleased with the results.

Best facial wax out there!

It is funny reading some of these reviews. If you don't like pain, don't wax...it hurts...nothing will change that. But let's talk about results...because there is nothing worse than going through the pain AND having bad results. The bottom line...this wax works. End of story. It has the consistency of salon wax and whatever hairs you hit with it are coming out...end of story. I just used it for the first time and was wowed. Yes, it was a "hot mess." My technique clearly will take some time to work out, I had random drips on my face..etc. I waited too long at first to pull it off, that was not fun...OUCH! But Rome wasn't built in a day. Hands down this is the most effective home wax out there and even after my almost comical first use this morning, I can say my results were spectacular...I look like I just left the salon and I know it will get even better once I am used to working with the product.

Love it- best home-waxing I've ever used

Love it- best home-waxing I've ever used. I initially made the purchase because this company does not test on animals. I will continue to use this brand for that reason, as well as for the performance of the product. This kit is amazing! The heater is a must - love it!

Absolutely favorite wax

I use this wax for my face and it is my absolutely favorite wax. It works very well for short hair, which some other waxes would leave. I find that I need fewer applications when I use this wax, which minimizes skin irritation. I rarely have any problems with my skin breaking out afterwards. The addition of the soothing oil to the kit is a great idea (previously the wax kit came without it), and definitely helps to calm down the skin. It peels off the skin very nicely, leaving very little residue and no stickiness. I find the wax easy to use, even if a little messy, but nothing that some covering over the surface where I apply the wax could not fix. When it drips, it is rather easy to clean up when it cools down. This kit has everything you need!

I'm no stranger to wax and love this product!

I'm no stranger to wax and love this product! I didn't realize that you couldn't microwave it, and was a little nervous to heat it up on the stove however it turned out just fine. Unlike other waxes I've used, this one doesn't cool down too fast and does a good job at getting all the hair without feeling like it's too 'sticky'. I think this would be a great wax for bigginers as it goes on well and pulls off easy and relatively pain free compared to other, stickier waxes.

Easy to use and relatively painless

I have an extremely sensitive scalp and eyebrow plucking usually brings me to tears. Getting professional waxes isn't much better. This wax is much more gentle. It works without paper or cloth; you just spread it on the areas you want to remove, let it dry, and peel it off.

So far I have only used it on my eyebrows.