Wax for Arms & Legs

  • For those new to waxing, larger sized Wax Strips (Legs & Body) will work like a charm on arms and legs. Easy to use, this is pre-lined salon wax on clear backing. 
  • Parissa Body Sugar (Chamomile) wax is also an option. It's great for those with sensitive skin and it cleans away easily with water. Some more care needs to be taken with technique. Works best for fine to medium hair types.
Experienced waxers
  • For those who have some experience using liquid wax, or who have coarse or previously shaven hair, Parissa Warm Wax is a great option. based on tree resin rather than sugar. This is an effective salon style wax, great for removing all body hair and for covering larger body areas. 

Check out our guide that explains more about the different types of wax!

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