Parissa Wax for Sensitive Skin

Not all waxes are suitable when you have sensitive skin. Thankfully, Parissa offers a variety of products for those with sensitive skin. 

If you prefer liquid waxes: 

We recommend Parissa Sugar Waxes. Sugar based waxes are very simple. They are made from sugar, water, chamomile extract and citric acid. This natural wax is safe and gentle on sensitive skin. Best for waxing fine to medium hair types. 

If you are a a beginner or prefer strip waxes: 

We recommend Parissa Sensitive Formula Wax Strips. These wax strips are made from Pine resin, castor seed oil, beeswax and titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is a 'soft powder' mineral ingredients. This means our sensitive skin formula waxes are more gentle on skin. Simply warm the wax strips on with your hands, peel apart, press on and zip-off to reveal smooth skin. 

Apply Azulene Oil After Waxing: 

It is even more important to apply an aftercare oil when you have sensitive skin. Parissa Azulene Oil contains the active ingredient of chamomile, Azulene. Its anti-inflammatory properties helps prevent skin inflammation and ingrown hairs. 

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