Parissa Wax for Beginners

Learning to wax at home for the first time? How exciting! Here are some products we recommend for waxing beginners. 

For absolute beginners, or for those looking for convenience: 

We recommend Parissa Wax Strips. Each wax strip are pre-lined with the perfect amount of wax for instant hair removal. Wax Strips are easy to use and mess-free. Simply warm strips between your hands, peel apart, press-on and zip off to reveal smooth skin. It's that simple. 

For those looking for easy clean up or for those with sensitive skin:

We recommend Parissa Sugar Waxes. Sugar based waxes are very simple. They are made from sugar, water, chamomile extract and citric acid. If it's your first time waxing, chances are there will be some accidental dripping. No worries, sugar based waxes are water soluble. Simply wash off with soap and water. This natural wax is also safe and gentle on sensitive skin. Best for waxing fine to medium hair types.

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