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10 Waxing Myths Debunked - Know Your Facts

10 Waxing Myths Debunked - Know Your Facts

July 02, 2020 3 min read

Parissa has been around for over 36 years. As a waxing company, we have heard and seen almost everything. And of course, we often get the same questions and concerns about waxing.

Well, we are going to save you hours of google searching through forums and get you the facts about some of the most discussed waxing misconceptions.


Myth #1: Waxing makes your hair grow back thicker.

Overall, most people tend to see their hair thickness reduce over time. When you wax your hair, you pull the hair with the root out of the follicle. When this happens, the hair has to begin growing all over again and appears finer when it does grow back. On the other hand, when you shave, you shave the hair at the thickest point, and as it grows back the hair appears thicker. Another win for waxing!


Myth #2: The best time to wax is during your period.

Your period is already painful enough, and we can almost guarantee waxing will hurt even more during these 5-10 sensitive days.


Myth #3: You can definitely heat your wax on an open flame. I read it on Amazon.

Never do this. Saving $20 isn't worth having your roommate hate you for starting a fire in your apartment.


Myth #4: Waxing can rip your skin off.

We all know someone who knows someone who tore her skin off with wax. With waxing, it's important to follow the instructions to prevent potential skin lifting or bruising. Here are a few guidelines to follow


Myth #5: You can sunbathe immediately after waxing.

Wait 24 hours before going out in the sun. Waxing can make your skin sensitive at first, so you might burn a bit more than normal if you head straight for the beach after a wax. Give it some time before you get your tan on. 


Myth #6: Don't wax while you're pregnant, I hear it can affect the baby.

Thanks to hormones, you might notice your hair grows faster during your pregnancy. Not to worry: there is no risk involved in waxing while you're pregnant. All our waxes are all-natural, food-grade products with no harsh added chemicals. 


Myth #7: You need to have really long hair before waxing.

It actually only needs to be 1/4", so don't worry if you aren't extra furry. If you're a bit more on the furrier side, you can trim the hair to 1/4". That 1/4" sweet spot is the perfect length for the wax to grab the hair, giving you oh-so-smooth skin. 


Myth #8: Waxing is the only hair removal method that causes ingrown hair.

All hair removal methods can cause ingrowns, although you can prevent ingrown hair by exfoliating and applying skin oils (see blog for more info).


Myth #9: Waxing is super messy and overly complicated.

All waxes have a way of cleaning them up. Some waxes, like waxing strips, are specifically made for those who want a hassle-free wax experience.


Myth #10: You need to be completely bare to be and feel sexy.

Lastly, no you don't have to wax everywhere to feel confident. Do what makes you feel your best. We're just here to help you get there.


Have more myths for us to debunk or any questions about waxing? Ask our in-house waxing specialist at hello@parissa.com. Happy waxing!


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