Consider this your guide to maternity waxing. Our expert tips will have you looking and feeling your best as you prepare for the big day ahead.

The benefits of waxing are undeniable. Instantly smooth skin, less irritation, and results that last for weeks. You may even find yourself wondering if it is possible to achieve such fabulous perks from at-home waxing. The answer is absolutely, yes. In this age of DIY beauty, we are all learning how we can feel our best by trying out new self-care rituals.

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Go natural or go bare? Brazilian or Hollywood? How you groom your most sensitive area is definitely a personal choice. Luckily, bikini wax styles are now centered on whatever makes you feel most happy and beautiful in your skin.

Hot/Hard wax can be messy at times, so we suggest before waxing putting down an old towel or sheet that you don’t mind getting dirty.
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Sugar Waxing - a term used for using natural, sugar-based wax to remove unwanted hair – is a very gentle, yet effective way to get smooth skin for weeks! This natural hair removal method has been used for centuries. With just 3 natural ingredients – sugar, water, and lemon juice- you forget about razors and creams and skip the salon appointments too!
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​​​​​​​Both of our sugar waxes are equally effective and made with nearly identical ingredients. The only difference is that the Organic Sugar Wax is made with USDA Certified unprocessed sugar, while the Body Sugar Wax is made with processed sugar.

If you’re confused about the myriad of ways to get rid of unwanted hair, fret no more. We're here to demystify things and help you find the right product.

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It is completely possible to get the same results with salon wax when waxing at home. Parissa has a variety of salon-quality waxes available to meet all your at-home waxing needs, as well as the resources to help you learn how to use them.
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We understand that hair removal is an intimate experience. The process of determining which method can be daunting. Let us ease your buzzing mind and lay down the facts about waxing and shaving once and for all. We’re going to outline the pros and cons for each hair removal method, and crown a winner.

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