How to get the Perfect Brows

How to get the Perfect Brows

 Your face isn’t symmetrical, so don’t expect your brows to be. I read a quote once that said ’eyebrows are like sisters, not twins’. If they are anything like me and my sister, then you can be guaranteed one of them will be crazy. Don't spend hours in the bathroom trying to force them to be identical, it just won't happen. Accept this, and life will be easier. So, let’s focus on the things that you can do to create the perfect frame for your beautiful eyes.

We promise, it’s not that scary to do your own brows.

You probably know how you want your brows to look already. You’ve been admiring the frontal frons on your friends for years. Quietly coveting the full, seemingly perfect shape. Did you know 75% of us admit to eyebrow envy - the other 25% are lying. Look, if I can learn how to program the clock in my car to daylight savings time, then you can learn to format your forehead fur. All you have to do to find your natural shape. It's already there, you just have to uncover it. Focus on what should be there, not what shouldn't.

1. First step, get some brown eyeshadow, liner, pencil.

You could even go raid your kid brother's box of washable markers. The bottom line is, just get something you can use to fill in your natural brows. Take your colour and slowly start to fill them in where the hairs actually are. No drawing outside the lines here. You can get a Q-tip with some make-up remover or water on it and carefully remove the colour to shape how you'd like your brows to look. Once you have the shape just right, all that's left is to remove everything that's not within the coloured area. Easy right?

2. Then use the Parissa Brow Shaper Mini Wax Strips.

For the next step, we’ve taken away all the guesswork. Parissa Brow Shapers are tiny pre-waxed strips that are ready to use. They do not require any heating or spreading, they are super quick and easy. The strip backing is transparent so you can see exactly where you are placing the strip, no misplacement means no mistakes. The cream wax itself opaque. This allows you to see exactly which hairs are going to be removed before you even pull the strip.

3. Cut, press, zip away.

Cut the Parissa Brow Shaper Wax Strips with scissors to separate each mini strip. Gently and briefly warm between your hands. Peel the strip apart slowly, now you have two wax strips ready to go. Place the wax strip where you would like hair removed, hold the skin taut, press on in the direction of hair growth. Zip away quickly, and in the opposite direction of hair growth. Voila!

4. Post waxing skincare and Azulene oil.

Don't worry if you end up with a tiny bit of wax residue on your brow, it will clean off easily when you are done. But remember to use the blue Azulene Oil included in your kit. The wax on Parissa Wax Strips is oil soluble, don’t try and wax any excess off with water and soap. It’s a great idea to do your waxing at night. This means you give your skin a breather before applying cosmetics. Azulene oil is great for removing excess wax, it is also a natural anti inflammatory and antiseptic. This means it soothes skin and aids in preventing ingrown hairs.

5. Doing your own brows is cost effective as well as time effective.

The first attempt may take 20 minutes or so, but with practice, you'll be a super savvy brow shaper in no time. You’ll also save all that time travelling to the salon, trying to find a park and making the appointment. If you’re currently going to the salon to get your brows done, do your own touch-ups by following the esthetician’s design. Spread your appointments out to every other month, keep that salon look with half price tag. Considering Parissa Brow Shaper Wax Strips have enough strips for several treatments, you just can't beat the cost savings.

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