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How To Do a Bikini or Brazilian Wax at Home With Salon Quality Results

January 21, 2019

People think that waxing at salon is an effective, long lasting and reliable way to get your bikini line done. However, it is also completely possible to get these exact same results when waxing at home. Parissa has a variety of salon quality waxes available to meet all your at-home waxing needs, as well as the resources to help you learn how to use them.

Benefits to Bikini/Brazilian Waxing at Home:

While getting waxing done at a salon is great, you can get the same results at home with a little bit of practice and using the proper technique:

1. You can touch-up any time. If you missed some hair, or it grew back a little bit faster than expected, you can easily remove it at home without having to wait for your next appointment.

2. It is very economical. You will save hundreds of dollars each year by doing your waxing yourself.

3. You save time. You won’t have to worry about scheduling in salon visits. You will also save a ton of time by waxing at home compared to if you were to be shaving every second day, since waxing gives long-lasting results.

4. You are in charge. If you need to take a break, you can do so at any time. For your first few waxes, this will be extremely appreciated!

5. More privacy at home. You don’t have to concern about embarrassment when other people doing Bikini/Brazilian waxing for you.

Choosing the Right Product

The first consideration when waxing at home is which wax you should be using. The answer to this question can vary, based on your skill level and the area being waxed.


For Bikini Waxing:

Wax Strips: Wax strips are a great option for both experienced and inexperienced waxers alike. They are quick and easy to use. Simply press them onto the skin and zip them off! The face and bikini strips are custom sized, making them perfect for precise waxing in these areas. They are also great for travel and quick touch-ups. The small size allows you to remove small areas of hair each time, perfect for getting used to waxing, if you are a beginner.

Sugar Waxes: Sugar waxing is a great option for the bikini area as it made with all-natural ingredients, including soothing chamomile extract, it is perfect for waxing sensitive areas like the bikini line.

Salon Waxes: Our hot wax and our warm wax are both professional salon products that are regularly used by estheticians. They are very effective and work well on short and coarse hairs, making them the ideal product for bikini waxing.


For Brazilian Waxing:

The recommended wax for the brazilian area is the Hot Wax (Hard Wax). In fact, it is the only wax that we recommend for use in the brazilian area. Even if you were getting waxed in a salon, hot wax is the best option.

This product hardens upon application, therefore fully encapsulating the hair and grabbing everything. This allows even short or very coarse hair to be removed, while still being very gentle on the skin in this delicate region. It is recommended to apply a thin layer of oil or talc powder before applying wax to help reduce redness of the skin.

Proper Technique For Brazilian/Bikini Waxing:

It is very important to use the proper technique when waxing in these areas. You need to ensure you are holding the skin taut and following product specific application instructions.

To assist in learning proper technique, we have a variety of resources available:

  1. Each of our products comes with photo instructions. Please read and follow these instructions for the best results.
  2. We also have video instructions available on our website that walk you through each step of the waxing process. These are great as they go through all the do’s and don'ts of each product.
  3. Lastly, if you have any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a waxing guru on staff who is available to answer all of your questions and can be reached at 604-986-9974 or Happy Waxing!

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