Do It Yourself Sugar Waxing

What is Sugar Waxing? Sugar waxing is a term used for using a natural, sugar- based wax to remove unwanted hair – is a very gentle, yet effective way to get smooth skin for weeks! This natural hair removal method has been used for centuries. With just 3 natural ingredients – sugar, water and lemon juice- you forget about razors and creams and skip the salon appointments too!

With a formula this simple you might be tempted to make your own sugar wax. And there sure are plenty of recipes on Pinterest and how-to-videos on YouTube that will walk you through how to do this in your own kitchen! In fact – Parissa’s founder, Azar Moayeri, started the business making sugar wax in her kitchen 35 years ago! Our sugar waxes are still made with this natural formula, in our eco-certified facility in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Our kitchen has just grown over the years!

If kitchen science is your thing, have at it! But if you aren’t up for what can easily become a hot mess – you can still save time and money, and ensure you are using nothing but the most natural process out there by sugaring at home. Parissa’s Organic Sugar Wax, Body Sugar and Roll-On Sugar Waxes give the DIY waxer 3 great options for taking care of business at home, without having to cook up a sticky concoction first.

Benefits of DIY Sugaring:

  • Great for Beginner Waxers:

DIY Sugaring at home is easy to do and will give you great results. With 4 easy steps – outlined in this how to video, you can have smooth skin in minutes!

One of the best things about sugar wax is that it is washable. If you chicken out – you can simply wash it off and try another body area first! Or if you are looking for more precision – say in the brow or upper lip area, it is easy to wash off some of the wax without pulling the hairs out. On that note, we recommend starting with legs and arms, then moving on to face and bikini areas.

The Parissa Roll-On Sugar Wax is an excellent Waxing Kit for beginners. It comes with two different sized roll-on applicators that make it easy to apply the wax, with less mess. All Parissa Sugar Wax Kits come with re-usable fabric epilation strips, made from recycled materials, meaning everything you need to get started with DIY sugaring is right there, in the box!

  • Exfoliates Dry Skin

Sugar is an excellent exfoliator, another great benefit of sugaring at home. You have likely been gifted a sugar scrub at some point in your life or seen them on the shelves. Sugaring will work like a scrub, gently removing dead skin cells along with unwanted hair, without the irritation.

  • Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Many find that sugaring is less painful than other waxing products and techniques. The sugar adheres to the hairs, but not the skin which means that waxers find they have less irritation with sugar based products and still get great results. Parissa’s Body Sugar and Organic Sugar Wax contain chamomile extract which further soothes sensitive skin.

Ready to try DIY Sugar Waxing at home? Check out our other helpful resources like this blog: “6 Things You Should Know About Sugar Waxing At Home” and our how-to video. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, remember you can always just wash it off!

Have more questions? Reach out to Parissa’s in-house waxing specialist at

Happy Sugaring!

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