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8 Beauty Rules to Survive the Holiday Season (in Style)

November 28, 2018

 ‘Tis the season of mulled wine, sparkly dresses and fairy lights. This year we are spreading our holiday cheers by giving you 8 beauty rules that will help you get through December looking good and feeling confident.

1. Use the cover of winter to ease the transition from shaving to waxing.

Since waxing works best when hair length is around ¼ inch long, winter is the perfect time to transition from shaving to waxing. Layers of winter clothing is the perfect disguise for hairy legs. So with the holiday season upon us, it’s time to wax those pins and get the party dress on.

The best part is the smoothness from waxing lasts for weeks. You won’t have to think about shaving, every. single. day. Just one simple at-home waxing session will leave you smooth for weeks, giving you more time for the important things.

For legs, body and arms, we recommend Parissa Warm Wax. This professional strength ‘salon’ wax will even work on previously shaved and coarse hair types. The kit contains everything you would need for a DIY waxing session. Click here to browse Parissa Warm Wax Collection.


2. Twinkle timing: Manicure (days) before the party, pedicure (a week) before the party.

Nothing feel more festival than getting those holiday colours on your nails. Be sure to get that festive manicure appointment booked in just a few days before the party! This will ensure your nails are in tip-top shape.

Pedicures tends to last longer than manicures, so you can book this up to a week prior and still have twinkle toes. A dark red, or a sparkly gold colour will always bring in the holiday vibes. A pedicure should last you through several weeks of the party and holiday season.

3. Drink water, avoid hangovers, and a tip to eat less party treats.

Drinking water before a meal can help reduce the amount of food you end up eating. If you know you’re heading into yet another sugar-filled smorhagsboard, this is a handy tip for eating in moderation.

On those weeknight holiday parties go one-for-one with water and booze, you’ll thank yourself the next day at work. The worst part of a hangover is simply dehydration. Try to consume water combined with electrolytes before bed (even a quarter teaspoon of salt in your water helps) and you will feel much more refreshed the next day.

4. Beat the winter blues, don’t stop exercising just because you’re busy.

If you can keep exercising through December you’ll be in a great head space for the New Year. Trying to fit all the festivities into your schedule can cause a lot stress. But get your priorities straight, keep exercising. A simple 30 minute workout has proven to reduce stress levels and improve moods.

Sneak in a quick workout session before the big party or in the morning before you start on your holiday shopping. You will notice a difference in your mood and calmness. There’s no need to wait till New Year!


5. Going to the beach? Sort out your Brazilian/bikini waxing before heading away.

Avoid fuss trying to find a salon while you’re on vacation. Book in an appointment well ahead of time, in preparation for your departure.

However if you are a DIY beauty ninja, bikini waxing from home is a piece of cake with Parissa Face & Bikini Wax Strips. Want to go further? We don’t recommend trying Brazilian waxing at home if you’re new to waxing, but for this area it has to be Parissa Hot Wax. Click here to browse Parissa Hot Wax collection.

Parissa Hot Wax (or Hard Wax) can be heated on your stovetop or on a Parissa Wax Warmer. This strip-less wax firms as it cools, gripping even short and coarse hairs. Click here for our FREE Ultimate Brazilian Waxing 101 Guide to help ease you through the process. 

6. Mud masks can rejuvenate tired skin and shrink pores.

Don’t have time for a full facial? Mud masks or clay masks can pull impurities from your skin and reduce pore size. Replenish your dry skin with a mask before your big night out. Another way to treat yourself from the comfort of home.

7. Salon blow-out = Beautiful hair + Relaxation

It’s OK, we can admit it’s pretty relaxing getting pampered at the salon while your locks are being looked after. You will look great and be feeling yourself for the big party! Find your way to your nearest hairdresser or try a drybar for gorgeous party hair.

If you want something more daring, ask your hairdresser to try out a classy up-do for your big night out. Flowing curls are nice, but an up-do is underrated for showing off lovely neck and shoulders.

8. There’s no excuse, you can wax your own upper lip and brows!

With Parissa Brow Shapers, it’s easy to wax your own brows. Each mini brow strip is pre-lined with wax and has a clear backing so you can easily see where you are placing the wax. Simply press on and zip off to reveal your natural brow shape in minutes. Don’t believe us? Read our post on How To Get the Perfect Brows here.

As for your upper lip fuzz, we recommend Parissa Hot Wax. Three easy steps, warm the wax, apply a thick layer, zip away when it’s firm. This type of wax is the best for sensitive areas such as the face.

Armed with these 8 beauty tips, you are now all set for whatever this crazy season has to offer. Happy Holidays, from Parissa Natural Wax.

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