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Leg Waxing: The Best Kept Secret in Beauty

Leg Waxing: The Best Kept Secret in Beauty

April 12, 2019 3 min read

Pssst. Girl, if you are still shaving your legs, you are missing out.

According to a recent British survey, women spend the equivalent of 72 days, or around 1,700 hours shaving their legs in their lifetime. This same survey showed that women consistently ranked shaving their legs as their most tedious part of their personal care routine.

But how are we supposed to battle the stubble?

While you should totally check in with your girlfriends on this topic in real life, you likely landed here because you were searching for a solution the contemporary way – with your phone! So read on sister.

We are here to tell you, the best-kept secret in beauty: waxing your legs is going to revolutionize your life. The first time you wax your legs the biggest thing you will be struck by is the RESULTS. Your legs have never been this smooth before, and this my friend is why once you wax, you can never go back. Not only will your legs be smoother than they were when you were shaving, but they’ll also stay that way! With waxing, you will have smooth skin for 2-4 weeks without any maintenance.

Don’t you have to let your hair grow out for it to work?

Yes, you do. But probably not to the point you are imagining. In order for waxing to be effective, you should allow for a ¼-1/2 cm regrowth before waxing again. This ensures there is enough length for the wax to adhere to the hair and effectively pull it out at the root. As mentioned above, once you are routinely waxing, this regrowth will be finer and more sparse, meaning you can go even longer between waxing sessions. 

Is it worth the pain?

Honestly, yes. First, it’s really not that bad! Legs are a great body part to try waxing as it can be quick and relatively painless while allowing you to remove hair from a large area all at once.  While all waxing will cause some discomfort, over time as the hair follicle weakens, it will actually hurt less each time you wax.

When it comes to decreasing discomfort, it is all about the product you choose and your technique. Parissa has a series of easy to follow how-to videos, as well as other how-to guides to help you get things right. Our top tips to minimize pain while waxing your legs:

  • Follow product instructions
  • Always hold the skin as taut as possible and remove wax in the opposite direction to hair growth.
  • Never pull out or away from your body, stay parallel and close to the area.
  • On the legs, you will be holding your skin tight and pulling the wax off from your ankle area, up towards your knee area, staying close to the leg.

What about the mess?

For those worried about dealing with a mess, there are some great leg waxing options that can ensure clean up is a breeze.

Sugar Waxes are a gentle, washable formula. You can wash off excess wax from your skin, the counter, your bathtub, and even the fabric epilation strips (which are reusable with sugar wax!) So no sticky mess here!

Wax Strips are the absolute best bet for getting smooth legs with zero mess. They’re simple to use: warm between your hands, slowly peel apart, rub on to your leg and zip off. You will be amazed at how quick and easy the wax strips are to use, and how awesome your results are! No mess to clean up, and salon smooth skin for weeks ahead!

We are confident once you wax your legs you will never go back. Ready to dive in, get the smoothest legs you have ever had and save yourself time every day? Check out our exclusive Bundle Packs or shop the Leg & Body section of our site to find the perfect products for you. Have questions? Looking for advice? Email our waxing experts at hello@parissa.com. We are here to help.

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