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Threading vs. Tweezing vs. Waxing: Shaping Your Eyebrows

May 14, 2019 3 min read

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Eyebrow shapes and trends come and go, but one thing is for sure – brows are big right now! It’s hard to ignore the brow bars in the beauty stores and in the hottest shopping districts. Other than pencils, powders, and tints, there are now even gels and pomades for styling brows. There also seems to be equally as many options for shaping brows as well. Threading, tweezing and waxing are the most common techniques used to remove unwanted hair from the brows, but which method is best? We may be a little biased but here’s why we think waxing is your best option…

Threading Eyebrows

The ancient practice of threading is having a resurgence with the arrival of new immigrants skilled in this time honoured technique. Although normally performed at a salon, many are even learning to do this at home. Threading can be used to shape brows as well as removing unwanted hair from most areas of the face.

Using a cotton thread, those with experience, create a loop that wraps around individual hairs like a lasso and pulls them quickly from the follicle. Since this method skims the skin while it quickly removes multiple hairs some find it painful or experience redness and irritation.

When done by someone with skill and experience threading can be a great option for brow shaping. It allows for some precision and can often remove even fine hairs that tweezers miss. The results with threading sometimes don’t last as long as other methods since the hair can break at the surface rather than being pulled out from the root. But generally, threading provides results for up to 4 weeks. Those who thread their brows often choose to tweeze in between appointments to maintain their brow shape.


Tweezing Eyebrows


Tweezing is the most popular DIY brow maintenance technique around certainly every woman has a pair of trusty tweezers they’ve used for their brows.

Using tweezers to pluck each individual hair can be time-consuming, and even tedious, but it’s precise and fairly unintimidating.  A high-quality set of tools is a requirement as is great lighting and a magnifying mirror to see all the pesky hairs if you want great results in shaping your brows.

You probably felt a pinch of pain the first few times you plucked your brows, you may have even sneezed, but the discomfort was bearable. You’ve probably even found that the more you tweezed, the more comfortable the experience and the easier the process. This is because the hair follicles become weaker over time and so the hair becomes easier to remove.

While tweezing allows for precision and easy maintenance, it’s difficult to get all the hairs. Depending on the amount of hair to remove, tweezing can also be a serious time investment. Then there’s the risk of getting carried away or becoming overzealous with this method.


Waxing Eyebrows

Whether it’s at home or at the salon, for cleaning up the brows, fixing the unibrow or defining the perfect arch, waxing is not only effective but a lot easier than you think.

The most popular waxes used for brow waxing in salons is a Hot or Hard Wax, but for home use, Waxing Pens and Wax Strips are the most common and the easiest. If you’ve never tried waxing or are intimidated, Wax Strips will seriously wow you. They’re quick, easy and provide salon results in seconds. For more experienced waxers, an at-home Hot Wax or Waxing Pen can be as effective for coarse hair as traditional salon waxes.

Just like tweezing and threading, waxing removes hair from the root, so for your first experience, you may feel the same pinch of pain felt with the other methods. Like tweezing though, the more often you wax, the less discomfort you will have. Since waxing is quick and removes all hairs in one go, the pain is less when compared to other time-consuming methods of brow shaping.

Waxing gives the brows a sharp, clean look that adds definition to your shape and gives prominence to the brow. It’s quick, can be easy and provides great results for up to 6 weeks. That’s why waxing is the preferred choice for getting perfect brows.

Whatever method you choose, there are lots of options to help you get brows that wow! Check out our guide How to Get the Perfect Brows or reach out to our waxing experts for tips and tricks on how to find your natural shape and the perfect brows. We’re here to help at 


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 Thread Salon
Thread Salon

August 20, 2019

Thanks for all the information.

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