Winter Waxing - 5 Reasons to Start Now

Fill in the blank: Right now is the best time of year to start waxing my_________.

Your answer is correct – the truth is, no matter where you are thinking of removing hair, these coming cooler months are the best time to start a brand new waxing regime.

Why Winter Waxing?
1. Stage Gauge: Your hair grows in different cycles, more specifically, 3 stages. It’s either growing, dormant or falling out; it can take several waxing treatments to remove all the hairs, depending in which stage they are. A season of covering up allows you those few months to remove the last of your stubbly bits.

2. Good-bye Dry: Cooler air means drier air and heating vents blasting a full-blow, all of which can leave your skin tight, flaky and dry. Waxing to the rescue! Every waxing treatment exfoliates your skin, encourages cellular growth and stimulates blood circulation to your skin’s surface. This combination along with a good massage with after-wax Azulene Oil to nourish and soften your freshly waxed skin means glowingly, gorgeous gams year round!

3. Stocking Flocking: Sexy, sheer, silk stockings + stubble. ‘nuff said.

4. Slow Grow: Each time you wax, your hair follicles weaken, rendering them a little less able to produce as strong a hair during its next growth cycle – translation: your hair grows back finer, sparser and more slowly with each treatment. Not only is stubble never a problem anymore, but you will be able to spread your waxing out longer and longer between sessions.

And… the final reason for sexy smooth skin this season:

5. Longer Nights. *a-hem

That said we do understand that waxing for the first time can be a bit daunting. The vast range of products available can make the choice confusing, let alone figuring out HOW to use them. We invite you to call our customer care line, where we have experienced, waxing professionals on hand to answer every question you could possibly have (trust me, we’ve seen and heard it all, so don’t be shy). Call us toll free 1.888.986.9974 or email, we’re always happy to give advice, walk you through the steps and recommend the right product for your specific hair type, skin type and comfort level to make your first experience smooth & simple.

Happy Waxing!
Alley Laundry – Parissa Waxing Guru

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