Our Furry Little Friends

No, this is not going to be about male grooming, it's about one of the questions I often get from our customers, asking if we are vegetarian friendly.

It's good to know people are paying attention to the ingredients in their beauty care products, but it's also important to know the background of those ingredients. We are flooded with catch phrases and buzz words as we stare gape-mouthed at the reams of shelves filled with products offering promises. I've been in the beauty industry for about 20 years and I still get confused by some of the wording and because there is minimal regulation around what terms are allowed to be posted on labels - it can be very misleading.

We at Parissa claim "Natural Hair Removal Systems", and while this IS true - what exactly does it mean? Well, technically, it means that our ingredients are produced by a living organism. At Parissa, for instance, we use ingredients like tree resins, nut oils or flower extracts. In some of our products, we chose to use natural beeswax instead of unnatural chemical based ingredients such as mineral oil and paraffin.  Translation: all of our products are vegetarian friendly, but only some of them are purely vegan.

Every Parissa product is certified cruelty free meaning there is no animal testing in any phase of our product development - and we are very careful to enforce this from our suppliers as well. To read more about our cruelty-free commitment  see our section on ethics.

Like I said before, ALL of our products are vegetarian friendly. Parissa Warm Wax and Parissa Organic Wax are completely VEGAN.

I hope this helps. If you do have questions about our other furry little friends, please refer to our section on men's waxing supplies :P.

Stay Smooth,
Alley Laundry
Parissa Waxing Guru



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