The Pout Patrol - Lip Waxing 101

It can happen when you least expect it, and often at the worst possible time.

You’re on your way to a job interview, weekend get-away or first date when a last minute lipstick check in your rearview mirror reveals the cringe-inciting shadow cast from upper lip hair.  We rub at it in disbelief, curse our so-called friends for not telling us about it then search in our purse in hopes of finding a pair of tweezers, scissors, clippers or tape (regardless of whether these things had previously resided there).

Facial hair is a fact of life and depending on luck, genes, and (ahem) maturity, it can be anywhere from peach-fuzzy to outright thorn-like. When it comes to dealing with said ‘stache some people try bleaching, others tweeze, thread or shave and some even adopt denial as their approach. Well done. (note: Please stop bleaching your facial hair. Toxic chemicals aside, you’re left with something of a snowy blanket over the same shadow of hair)

20 years as a professional esthetician have yet to reveal a method superior to waxing for keeping the zone smooth. It takes about five minutes to do and is so well worth it, not to mention ladies, that Christmas party season is just around the corner and a fuzzy lip can ruin the look of an otherwise fabulous bold red lipstick.

For the beginner: your best place to start is with quick & easy Wax Strips. These come in both regular and sensitive skin formula and are ready-to-use, no heating or spreading needed. 

For new waxers and anyone with skin prone to sensitivity or allergies: Sugar-based waxes are very gentle on the skin and the fact that they are water soluble makes them goof-proof – drips, spills, and accidental application of the wax can simply be rinsed off so you can start over. *Moms with teenage daughters take note – washable waxes mean no sticky mess left behind. Added bonus: because the wax is washable, you can re-use the fabric strips by rinsing them off and hanging them to dry for next time.

For mature women: Along with the confidence, knowledge and grace that accompanies the menopausal years, is the somewhat less-favoured combination of coarse hair that sprouts randomly (and seemingly overnight) from our increasingly fragile skin. Fortunately, we have a wax that doesn't stick to skin but does specifically target short coarse hair....even the ones we can't see.

Wax in hand – check. Unwanted hair on upper lip – check. Here're a few key tips for getting a smooth technique:

There are two main challenges with lip waxing. Firstly, the skin is highly mobile and secondly the hair grows in different directions, making it harder to adhere to the key technique of keeping skin held taut and following the direction of hair growth. The best ways to handle this is to work in small sections at a time (about the size of a postage stamp or two) to maintain the best possible control.

  • Keep lips taut over teeth throughout the process, and use your fingers to pull the skin taut near the corners of your mouth.
  •  Take note of the direction your hair grows, and work in small sections following the direction. 
  • Skin often turns pink & spotty after hair removal. Cooling the skin with an ice cube will reduce this

Now, brave girl, you are make-out and mistletoe ready - next stop the make-up counter to check out the hottest lip shades for this winter season!

Stay Smooth,

Alley Laundry, Parissa Waxing Guru






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