The New "Award Winning" ECO-Home of Parissa Labs

*update* Parissa has just won another award for our facility! The City of North Vancouver's Design Excellence Award - honourable mention!

Its like breathing in nature itself.  

We've just moved to our brand new eco-facility here in North Vancouver, BC, where every morning smells fresh and earthy. We're not just surrounded by nature, we're submerged in it, which is exactly part of the plan. Because we had the luxury of building from the ground up, we were able to take every possible effort to design our facility targeting LEED Gold Standards as our goal. 

This has meant taking into account several factors including lifestyle, local environment, global responsibility and a lot of forward thinking, which recently earned our building the "Award of Excellence"  & "Green/Energy Efficient Merit Award" by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

Here's some of the things we've taken into account:

  • Site Landscaping: Biodiversity and Water conservation promoted through the selection of drought tolerant native plants. Of the 4777 drought resistant plants only 172 are non-native.
  • Reduced Site Disturbance: Selection of the building location identified a tree protection zone to minimize disturbance and conserve a grove of 80 year old trees and their root zone.
  • Alternate Transportation Parking Capacity: Vehicle pollution reduced and alternative transport promoted by offering carpool spaces for 10% of the total non-visitor parking spaces and providing less parking than zoning requirements.
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle Recharging Station:Vehicle pollution reduced and alternative transport promoted by offering 2 preferential parking spaces with electric vehicle charge stations.
  • Light Pollution Reduction: Light Pollution is reduced through use of interior and site lighting that prevents glare or direct lighting over the property line or into the night sky.
  • Storm Water Management: Contaminants eliminated through storm water treatment that removes 40% of Total Phosphorous and 80% of average annual post development Total Suspended Solids.
  • Storm Water Management: Storm water runoff rate and quantity is reduced by 25% through use of permeable surfaces such as pavers in parking areas and bio-swales in landscaping.
  • Water conservation: Recirculating water from our production process to flush our toilets. this saves (reuses) over 14,600 L annually.
  • Erosion and Sediment Control: Soil erosion and sediment dispersion controlled and reduced during construction through use of silt fences, wheel washes and sediment traps.
  • Construction Recycling: Land clearing debris, recyclables and reusable materials recovered during construction. 79.2% of waste diverted from landfills.
  • Reduced Heat Island Effect: Heat island effect is reduced through use of highly reflective roofing material to minimize heat impact on microclimate and human & wildlife habitat.
  • Daylight & Views Fact: To promote well-being of occupants, window sizing and locations designed to provide 75% of work spaces with natural daylight. 90% of such spaces have access to exterior views.
  • Controllability of Systems Fact: To promote productivity, comfort and well-being of occupants, operable windows and lighting controls are designed with an average of one lighting control zone per 18.5m² (200ft²) within 5m (15ft) of the perimeter wall.
  • Low-Emitting Materials Fact: To promote the health and well-being of occupants, the adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings and carpets used in this building were selected to meet or exceed VOC content limits.

Many thanks to Helen Besharat, for Besharat Friars Architects for designing our new home.

Stay tuned... as we continue with this project and develop it as part of an educational tool to share with other companies who are inspired to follow our "LEED".

I'll also be going into more detail about the materials we've used, the grounds as they mature and the many other positive effects of our new lifestyle at Parissa.

eco facility lobby 

Here's our gorgeous new lobby with sky-high windows and lots of natural light.

eco-facility entrance 

And the beautiful, bright new entranceway

eco facility sign 

You can see many signs like this one, throughout the facility which help to explain some of the efforts were making

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