The Meaning of Green

Long before the natural product bandwagon charged into stores to cram shelves with jargon-filled labels, Parissa saw the value in keeping products simple, clean and chemical-free.

To our company founder, a woman with young children, it was a no-brainer - no chemicals in her products meant no chemicals potentially getting into curious little hands. But that was 30 years ago when hair removal was dominated by chemical depilatories promising a painless path to smooth skin. The beauty industry wasn’t exactly native to the natural world (we’ve all heard the term “chemical burn” and we all cringe at the sound of it ‘nuff said).

These days access to information has bred an army of savvy, well-informed shoppers who want to know what’s IN it, before they use it. They want what Parissa wanted decades ago – simple ingredients in clean products that are all-natural without compromising effectiveness. It sounds easy enough and it is for the most part. Well, that is until you add social responsibility, brand accountability, ethically sourced ingredients, green manufacturing, organic certification, and a deep commitment to staying true to all things eco and helping to lead the charge. That’s when it becomes a passion.

You’ve probably noticed many different logos and icons representing varying degrees of a product’s “naturalness”. There are dozens of them, each with different standards, regulating bodies and levels of what is considered acceptable. On top of that, there is also a multitude of words that don’t necessarily mean what they infer. A couple years ago when we went through the Organic certification process for the first time, we got to see what it was all about and just how much variance there is out there in terms of certifications and credentials. 

We thought you might like to know a little about this, so let’s start with Organics 101: 

And what about "natural"? Just because a product has the word Nature or Naturals in the name, doesn't mean that's entirely the case. Always be sure to read the ingredient lists - and ask about ingredients you aren't familiar with. Truly natural companies are always happy for the opportunity to brag about the quality of their ingredients, I know we are! 

We also believe that complete transparency is essential when building relationships and trust with our customers. So please consider yourself invited to contact us with any and all questions you may have about our ingredients &  labelling, our products and of course how to use them 1.888.986.9974.

We want you to feel great about yourself and the products you use, and we’re confident that you will feel great about the natural and organic hair removers from Parissa.

Until next time,

Alley Laundry - Waxing Guru

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