Product Spotlight - Azulene Oil

Using Parissa Azulene Oil will improve your memory, make you irresistible to the opposite sex and give you the power to carry fifteen bags of groceries up ten flights of stairs with ease.

Not really.  But what it WILL do is replace your need for cuticle softener, hair de-frizzer, eye-make-up remover, body moisturizer and itch & rash soother.  - despite it's primary role as the perfect skin calming agent after waxing and helping to prevent ingrown hairs. #truestory

Phew! That's a LOT for one little product, right? The key is in the top quality ingredients we use, but let's first talk a little about the history of this miracle ingredient. Azulene is the component of chamomile responsible for the soothing and healing properties we attribute to these pretty flowers, and from which we've been distilling it since the 15th century! 

Derived from the Spanish word "azul" meaning blue, the most striking thing you notice about this liquid is it's natural, cobalt blue colour. 

Parissa's Azulene Oil is distilled from blue German Chamomile flowers (which is why it's blue, we don't add any colour) to maximize these seemingly magical qualities then mix it with vitamin e and a non-greasy plant-based carrier oil to help facilitate the delivery of azulene to the skin. The documented health benefits of  using Azulene Oil are countless: anti-inflammatory, soothing, calming, anti-wrinkle, and healing, to name just a few.

We formulated this aftercare oil to clean wax residue off your skin and to immediately soothe any post-depilatory redness or swelling, which it does remarkably well. But I'll be honest, this Waxing Guru doesn't ever leave the house without my all-in-one go-to beauty cabinet in a spray bottle, for all the additional benefits it delivers.

You can purchase our 2 fluid ounce size with a convenient spray nozzle here - Of course, you'll want to use it regularly to help prevent ingrown hair and keep your freshly waxed skin silky smooth for weeks, but here are a few added tips:

  • Keep it on your coffee table during these last few cold months to moisturize cuticles whilst watching tv,

  • Have one in your bathroom cabinet to soothe razor rash and minor skin irritations

  • Be sure to spritz on shoulders and legs as soon as those flirty little dresses make their way back in for summer! 

Parissa Azulene Oil comes in most Parissa Waxing kits to soothe skin after waxing and should be applied sparingly on a regular basis to maximize softness and prevent ingrown hair.

Until next time, stay smooth

Alley Laundry ~ Waxing Guru

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