Smooth Skin Challenge - Trade Your Blade

Sitting beside me, on a Hawaiian beach, I overhear a couple girls discussing their state of over-dress.

It’s about a billion degrees here, under the tropical sun. Too hot to be swaddled in long pants - the removal of which is the subject being volleyed back and forth between the two girls. "I can't, I didn't have time to shave this morning". Ah, the poor girl is chained to a razor. Doomed to the daily drudgery of de-fuzzing.
What a drag.
But what a great way to introduce the subject of this month’s blog: It's time to break up with your shaver.  
Let 2016 be the year you finally do it, the year you delay the daily worry about hair removal to about once a month and the year you finally say good-bye to nics, cuts and razor rash. And we are going to help you do it!

But first, back to poor Hairyette (not her real name) and her pileous predicament. Like me, she's a raven head with coarse hair, so I can understand she's not talking about subtle stubble. Taking the opportunity to introduce myself, I ask her: “What if I gave you a free box of hair removal that is easy to use and that negates your need to shave? Would you toss your razor for one month?”

It takes a minute or so, but eventually she realizes it was an honest offer.

Because it was.

And it is, and we are offering the same to you.

Are you willing to start the year off with a new regime; with a clean, simple, low maintenance, approach to your hair removal? We are serious about helping you make the switch: All you have to do is stop shaving for 2 weeks and we’ll send you a box of Parissa Wax, completely free, we’ll even cover the shipping.

That’s how serious we are. Show us you’re serious too: simply send us a snap showing your 2 weeks of hair growth and will send you the right hair remover for your specific needs. *see offer details below

Make the change, to smooth skin. clean & simple, with Parissa.

Happy New Year!
Alley Laundry
Parissa Waxing Guru

            How to get your FREE parissa wax:
            • Email your 2-week-growth picture to
            • Include your name, mailing address and contact phone number
            • Answer the following:
                        1. What is your hair type (coarse, medium, fine)
                        2. What is your skin type (normal, a little sensitive, or everything makes me red)
                        3. Have you ever waxed before?
             And that's it - you're ready to get into low-maintenance smooth skin!

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