Get a Leg Up on Summer Smooth Skin

Pins, pegs, sticks or stems – whatever you call them, your legs are on display this season and keeping them looking great from day to sunshiny day can be a challenge. So here’s the leg up for on those summer gam grievances.

Leg Lament #1 – Scaly Skin: 

“The skin on my legs looks like snake skin in the summer from sun, sand and salt water exposure but the last time I coated them with cream, I ended up with greasy marks on my furniture!  How do I moisturize my legs without the oil-slick after effect?”

Parissa Waxing Guru:  The truth about “moisturizing” is that it’s more about keeping water in than it is about applying it to your skin. Manufacturers formulate creams to provide a barrier which prevents moisture from leaving your body, unfortunately resulting in a greasy feeling. Solution: Dry Oil. A bit of a misnomer, in this case ‘dry’ refers to its lightweight absorbability and non-greasy feeling of this oil. While some contain a silicone base, most contain natural oils and botanicals, as is the case with Parissa Azulene Oil.  Azulene is the active component of Chamomile, which gives it that soothing, calming quality. We blend it with vitamin E in a ‘dry’ carrier oil designed to facilitate the delivery of Azulene to the dermis without leaving a greasy residue on your skin surface. The result is beautifully soft, moisturized skin that feels like satin.

Leg Lament #2 – Itchy Ingrown Hair:

“The only thing worse than ingrown hair, is how obsessed I get about digging them out, which makes them look so much worse!”

Parissa Waxing Guru: Ingrown hair, sometimes called razor bumps, refers to hairs trapped below the skin surface, often resulting in a red bump, pimple or even infected boil. this happens when hair curls and grows back into the skin rather than right out of the follicle; clogged follicles prevent hair from growing out and can get infected and/or tight clothing or friction causing irritation and inflammation. Solution: Exfoliate. Your best and first approach should be regular exfoliation in the shower or bath with a loofa, salt scrub, shower glove or puff. Then be sure to keep the surface of your skin soft and supple. Parissa Azulene Oil is also great for this, and the anti-inflammatory qualities of Azulene will reduce the angry red, swollen appearance of the irritated follicle. Until the issue is resolved, wear loose, breathable clothing and keep the area clean and dry (poking it with tweezers will almost certainly make it look worse, trust me).

Leg Lament #3 – Streaking Self Tanner:

“Waxing the day AFTER my spray tan was a hilarious mistake – I ended up looking like a patchwork quilt”

Parissa Waxing Guru: This is a lesson you learn once, but that you learn hard. Self-tanner stays on the surface of your skin, which can be lifted by sticky things such as a bandage or wax strip, leaving the appearance of uneven application behind. Solution: Planning. Do your waxing at least 24 hours prior to the tanning bed or self-tanner for a smooth application that stays even.

Final words – Above all things, keep your skin healthy by be sure to drink lots of water and wear appropriate sunscreen when under the sun.

Alley Laundry – Parissa Waxing Guru                                                                                                                                                       

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