Parissa Warm Wax Essentials Kit


The Warm Wax Salon Set includes:

Warm Wax 4oz/120g: A professional quality wax perfect for removing short, stubborn hair on any part of your face or body, includes applicator strips.

Azulene Oil 2floz/60ml: Sooth and calm your skin right after waxing. A hypo-allergenic moisturizing oil to prevent ingrown hair and discourage re-growth.

Professional Spatula: With its fine edge and flexibility our spatula gives you precise control for perfect results every time.

Warmer: Keep your product at exactly the right temperatureand fluidity, the entire time you're using it - no more running back to the microwave!. (120 V)

Exfoliating Glove: Use when bathing to massage away dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hair.

*Bonus - Kit includes a FREE plastic cosmetic bag.

PLEASE NOTE: The Wax Warmer is available in a 120V (N. America & Mexico) and 220V (Europe & Asia Pacific). For the UK and some other markets, you may require an adapter. Please specify in your "order comments" if you require a 120V or 220V unit.


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I like the idea of a set,

I like the idea of a set, though I haven`t calculated whether or not this is an actual deal. The warm wax wasn`t a good fit for me- too sticky and messy- but I loved having the wax warmer and the reuseable plastic applicator. However, be aware- this set comes with one single exfoliating glove, not a pair. I hadn`t realized this and was slightly dissapointed.

wax: glyceryl rosinate, collophonium, brassica napus oil.

azulene oil:, isopropyl myristate, d-alpha-tocopheryl, azulene, menthol.



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