Parissa Tea Tree Soft Gel Hair Remover


No-Heat Tea Tree Soft Gel: a natural, washable hair remover infused with cleansing Tea Tree. No heating required. Gently lifts hair from the root for salon smoothness up to 6 weeks. Includes a vial of AzuleneOil to soothe & soften skin and prevents ingrown hair.

2 Easy Steps: 1. apply thin layer 2. zip of with strips

Ideal for: fine facial hair, arms & body.

Contains: 140ml gel, 20 washable strips, easy to follow photo-instructions, 8 ml Azulene oil, 3 spatulas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Read Instructions & cautions before use.


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I read reviews

I read the reviews for this and was like oh cool maybe I should try it..then I read the lavender soft gel reviews and all but one hated it..I don't know if I should use it now. I used the Hot Wax and hated it (for underarms) would this work?

REPLY TO: read reviews

Hi mylife,

The Soft Gels are sugar-based waxes that are super gentle and formulated for fine hair. Generally speaking, the hair under our arms tends to be coarse, so I would not recommend the soft gel for it. If you weren't comfortable with the Hot Wax (it's a great wax, but it can take a little practice to get the hang of) but are interested in something that will be gentle, then I suggest Parissa Chamomile Body Sugar. Our Body Sugar is a water washable wax, which means if you put too much on, or drip etc, you can simply rinse it away and start again, making it Goof Proof! It's also wonderfully gentle on your skin. The key with liquid waxes like this, is to spread them on really thin, and to work in small patches at a time. Especially with underarms.

Here's a few tips:

1. take a good look at the direction your hair grows BEFORE you start. You'll notice that some of your hair grown along your arm, and some of it grown down along your body. This is important because when you apply the wax, you'll want to do this in separate sections.

2. Apply the wax IN THE SAME direction your hair grown, in a small section (think about the size of a couple postage stamps) in a very thin layer.

3. Press the fabric strip (included in your kit) on top of the wax immediately and press it down firmly.

4. SPEED COUNTS... Make sure the skin is pulled taut (bracing your arm up against the bathroom mirror, or tucking your hand behind you head works). Grab the strip and quickly pull it off in THE OPPOSITE direction of hair growth. Make sure that you keep your hand parallel to your skin when you pull the strip back. Pulling it off up and away from your body can result in tenderness and possibly even bruising. It's a good idea to practice first, so that you feel comfortable with the technique. 

If you have already purchased the Soft Gel, please give me a call @ 888.986.9974 and I'll make sure you are able to replace it with the right wax for you :)



Parissa Waxing Guru

Great Product

Love this product, it does not hurt, I don't have to worry about burns on my skin. Best of all it is all natural - so no worries about harmfull chemicals getting on my skinn and into my bloodstream. I also love the ease of wash up after the job is done. Thank You great job on this product.

reply to: Great Product

Thanks for the props! We put a great deal of care into keeping our products natural because we feel the same way you do. Thanks for choosing Parissa!

You've made me a loyal customer

I have just purchased and used your "Tea Tree Soft Gel - Legs, Body & Face - Fine Hair". Just had to write - which I seldom do - to commend you and your product. With a little warming, the gel spread thinly and evenly, allowing for a reasonably neat and tidy removal, and several uses of each strip. The best part is the reusable strips - what an innovative idea !!! I've never seen those before. After I was finished I just soaked them in warm water and all the gel and hair released - it was great. Instructions were helpful - I knew the basic method but the tip about keeping the strip as close to the body as possible when pulling was new to me. I think it helped.

I will definitely re-purchase your product - you've made a loyal customer - and I've tried several brands of wax removal systems.

This wax is GREAT!!!

This wax is GREAT!!! The key is that this wax is for finer hair. I tried the wax on my underarms, without great success and increased pain, so I recommend for legs primarily! I really like how the strips are reusable and the wax is water soluble. I have passed the word onto my co-workers, and they find the product effective also. I would recommend this to anyone. I have my sister from out of town bring some in every time she comes home because I am unable to find it where I live.

This is great wax. I use it

This is great wax. I use it on my legs, arms, face, and stomach. Works great and doesn't leave any irritatio

wax: fructose, aqua, chamomilla recutita, citric acid

azulene oil: isopropyl mystrate, tocopheryl acetate, azulene, menthol crystals.


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