Parissa Salon Tea Tree Warm Wax Hair Remover


Parissa Warm Wax, Green Fomula:  This soft, oil solubale wax is formulated with pine resins & canola oil  and has the added anticeptic benefits of Tea Tree and the soothing qualities of azulene. Green formula warm wax is extremely effective for  removing short, stubborn & thick hair growth all over the body. 

Ideal for: Normal to Coarse Hair on legs, body, bikini, underarms chest, back and face and mens tough hair. 

Contains:  16 fl oz of Professional WarmWax in  Metal Can (D: 3.4" x  H: 4.1")  Compatable with all Professional Wax Heaters.

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY: Cans are not microwaveable, professional heater required. Spatulas and Applicator Strips not included. 




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Wax Warmer

Do these cans fit on the wax warmer? If so, that would be awesome!

REPLY TO wax warmer

Yes, the Professional Size cans do fit on the wax warmers however they are designed to be used with professional wax heaters which have a heating well  that supports the tin around the outside. 

Our Wax Warmer is a compact design for home use, and while it is the perfect size for our smaller jars, it would take much longer to heat the tall metal tins, not to mention the risk of them tipping over accidentally.

Please feel free to give us a call @ 1.888.986.9974 if there is any advice we can offer you.

wax: collophonium, brassica napus oil, glyceryl rosinate, melaleuca altenafolia oil, azulene.
azulene oil: isopropyl myristrate,  d-alpha-tocopheryl, azulene, menthol.



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