Parissa Pro Azulene Hot Wax: Our strip-free solid wax is formulated with a high concentration of natural beeswax. This unique feature creates an extremely malleable wax that dries quickly and resists cracking. Azulene is added to reduce irritation and discomfort making this wax ideal for sensitive skin and small areas such as the face.


Ideal for: Short, stubborn coarse hair on bikini, underarms chest, back and face. This is a terrific wax for Brazilian waxing.

Contains:  12 convenient 'pop-out' refill pucks of  Professional  Hard Wax.  Compatable with all Professional HARD WAX warmers.

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY: Cans are not microwaveable, professional heater required. Spatulas and Applicator Strips not included. 




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REPLY TO: can I place these

These little pucks are designed to be used as refills only, in either a professional warming unit, or in your existing parissa hot wax metal pan.
Because each refill puck comes in an aluminium cup (much like a tin pie plate), we do not recommend that you place it directly on the warming unit.

Can I place these on the

Can I place these on the parissa wax warmer and get the same result as the one from the metal pan?

wax: collophonium, cera alba, brassica napus oil, azulene.

Download instructions here:

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