Persian Cold Wax Hair Remover 240ml


Persian Cold Wax is the original time honoured recipe that women have been trusting for centuries. And now in celebration of Eastern elegance and beauty we have repackaged our luxurious cold wax - but kept the recipe unchanged. Because Persian Cold Wax works - beautifully so.


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Hidden Ingredient?

I am curious to know if any of the ingredients used in this product contain colophony, a coniferous resin commonly used in hair removal products. I have recently been diagnosed with a contact allergy to this substance, and although I have used your product with great satisfaction for many years, I am noticing recently that I am itching excessively after using it.
Any ideas what might be causing this?

REPLY TO: hidden ingredient

Not at all.  All our sugar based waxes do not contain any tree resin. The only ingredients are:  sugar, lemon and water.  Rinse your skin with tepid water after waxing, and be sure to keep it moisturised. Any itching or tingling could be a result of the hair being removed from the root - but that generally goes away within a short period of time. If you'd like to give me a call @ 888.986.9974 we could talk a little more about it and I'd be happy to help you figure out what may be going on.


Parissa Waxing Guru


This is the worst wax ever, worse than veet, teh wax DID NOT REMOVE MY HAIR! So unhappy with this and pissed off I spent money on it!

REPLY TO: worst ever

I'm sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience with the Cold Wax. But Please know that your satisfaction is guaranteed - so please email or call 604.986.5517 and we'll be more than happy to take care of this for you.
Persian Wax Customer Care


i love love love this wax and i am serous. this waxt works the best after it is heated in the microwave or kept under my desk lightbulb it also dosent hurt when used after heated i will forever buy this wax PLEASE DO NOT DISCONTINUE and thankyou for changing the box design

great product

I've gone to salons to get my waxing done i've tried just tweezing (ouch) I've tried other waxing products. I saw perisa cold wax and thought okay good buy for my money and I love it, i've told all the girls at my work and every girl I know. I mean who really wants or has the time to fuss with tweeze this is fast and alot less pain. Amazing product.

wax:  sucrose, aqua, citric acid 

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