Parissa Electric Heater for Warming Wax


Wax Warmer: the perfect item for the regular waxer. Heats and keeps your product at the right temperature during your treatment. Keep your product beside more running back to & forth to the microwave. Can be used for Parissa & Persian Cold Wax items except for the 2in1 Roll-On.

Not suitable for professional size products.

PLEASE NOTE: The Wax Warmer is available in a 120V (N. America & Mexico) and 220V (Korea and Europe). For the UK, the Wax Warmer requires a plug adapter. Please specify in your "order comments" if you require a 120V or 220V unit.


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This is a great little

This is a great little electric warmer, just the right size for me but could be ever so slightly hotter.

REPLY TO great little warmer

Thanks! We keep it at the temperature it is for a couple reasons:
1. because you will be using the product on your skin, and so we want the temperature to be just right in order to keep your waxing experience completely comfortable.
2. Because it's the correct temperature to heat our waxes and body sugars to just the perfect consistency.
3. safety - safety is always paramount!

That said, electrical outlets can vary, so try plugging it in somewhere else to test it. And of course - please feel free to call us directly if you have any questions :)

Love It!

It's the best darn invention for women next to tampons! I absolutely love the Wax Warmer, it makes the process of waxing "too easy".

REPLY TO love it

Every time I read this comment, Erika, I crack up.... but I will also admit that I agree with you completely.
However, unlike most tampon commercials - my wax warmer doesn't make me feel like I should go horseback riding, but it does certainly make me want to show off my smooth legs!!!

Warm Wax 500 ml

I read above that the warmer is not a professional salon wax heater. Do you sell warmers for the professional size waxes you sell?

I was really disappointed

I was really disappointed with the wax warmer...I've tried to use it with warm wax and still need to re-microwave the wax every 10 minutes. It's completely lukewarm, and if anything it might keep already warm wax heated for a tiny bit longer. I love all the other Parissa products, and this one simply doesn't live up to the name. Skip it.

RE: Disappointed

Hi, thanks for letting us know!

It definitely sounds as though the unit you have isn't working properly,  Please give us a call @ 1.888.986.9974 so that we can replace it for you, right away.

Wax Temperature

What would be the wax temperature during operation?

RE: wax temp

You'll want to heat your wax or body sugar enough so that it is the consistency of liquid honey, and you can easily spread a paper thin layer on your skin. However you do not want the wax to be too hot to touch! Always test the product for temperature before using. I dab a little on the inside of my wrist after warming, to check that it isn't too warm.

Sugar Wax Warmer Options?

Do you have a warmer for the microwavable sugar wax? I love using the wax but I dislike running back and forth to microwave it especially when it gets to the bottom.
Do you have any waxing pots for sale? Would your sugar product work in one of those?

REPLY to Sugar Wax Options

The Parissa Wax Warmer works for the Body Sugar as well.

sugar wax in plastic container

Can I warm the hot sugar wax in the same container it comes in on wax warmer plate or on the coffee maker plate because the container is plastic.


I've never used warm or hot wax myself. If I were to by the sugar wax how else can it be warmed if I cant use this heater?

Reply to: warming

Both the Sugar wax and the Warm wax are microwaveable. Alternately, if you have a coffee maker at home, you can use it's warming plate to heat your wax.
The Hot wax is in a metal pan, and you would heat it on your stove-top, (not a gas range though)

Every Parissa product comes with very detailed photo instruction sheets that carefully outline the various methods of warming, and using your waxes. You can also print downloadable copies of our instruction sheets right from this website, just click on the "instructions" tab below the product description.

I also suggest checking out some of our "how-to" videos in the learn section:

And of course, please feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions @ 1.888.986.99747.

Good Blog

You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material

Reply to: good blog

Thanks! We have a lot of fun writing them - so happy to know you are enjoying them.

loose wax?

Can the warmer be used on wax I make myself? Or does it only warm wax in containers?

Reply to: Loose wax?

Because the wax warmer is a flat plate, any wax that you heat on it, will definitely need to be in a heat-safe container.

Looks like a candle warmer...

What is the difference between this wax warmer and an electric candle warmer?

reply to : looks like...

Our wax warmer is designed to keep your hair removal wax at a certain temperature for the entire time you are waxing. They may be similar to electric candle warmers, although I'm not sure what temperature an electric candle warmer will go up to, and therefore would not use it to warm any body sugar or wax.

Surface of warmer

Is the surface of the warmer (black part) in the same level as the the case (white part)? Or it's a bit sunken?

reply to: Surface of warmer

The surface of the warmer (black part) is sunken about 1/2cm (1/8in). This is not a professional salon wax heater for professional wax in metal cans.

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