Parissa Muslin Epilation Roll


Parissa's natural unbleached Muslin Epilating Roll is the ideal accessory for professional hair removal. The high thread count of our muslin gives it maximum durability, pliability, and absorbency. It prevents product soak through and will result in cleaner, more effective hair removal. Our convenient dispenser allows you to easily personalize the size of your strips for greater comfort, control and performance during hair removal. It can be used with all liquid waxes and sugaring systems.


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Thanks Erika!

Great advice - and thanks for the tips!!

Wow, What a Difference!

This Muslin Roll has really made my waxing experience a dream! With the strips that come in the Warm Wax, they wouldn't absorb the wax as much and sometimes there would be wax residue left on my face.

Don't get me wrong, the strips did a pretty good job as well, but this Muslin Roll goes above and beyond. I love that the box it goes into is also a dispenser, I can cut my sizes, and it's huge so it'll last me a very very long time. I'll just end up using the Warm Wax Strips as back up.

The instant I zipped it off, EVERY hair was gone, along with the wax covering it, leaving a smooth finish. I wouldn't even be raving about them this much, if they didn't do a beautiful job on my chin. I had to use the dreaded razor for a few weeks, since the Ulta Stores were out of stock with the Warm Wax Strips, and the touch up waxing kit just wasn't doing the job with my coarse hairs. So when the hairs grew back, they were still pretty strong. Yes after the waxing, I had to pull out the tweezers for the stubborn hairs, but it's expected once you get out of the habit of waxing. Heck, the roll did most of the work anyway. The sooner I get back into my monthly waxing, the weaker the hairs will get, the easier the hairs will be to pull out in one zip, and the less time I'll need to pluck.

Also, I'd like to add when I waxed my upper lip, I didn't feel such a sharp pain. Maybe it's because of my technique or maybe it's because I used a different strip, overall the experience was pretty pleasant, and even those little tricky hairs were gone in one sweep.

I will definitely be purchasing this again for the rest of my waxing life ;)

P.S. Just to add a little tip, if you notice on the used rolled that you have enough space to wax that little strip of hair you missed go for it. It works just fine, and it saves you a strip. Or you could always reuse that waxed side too. Both methods work very well.

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