Parissa Mens Wax Strips Hair Remover


Tea Tree Wax Strips: a mess-free, express hair remover made for men's tough hair. Zip away body hair instantly keeping skin smooth up to 6 weeks. Includes a vial of Azulene Oil to soothe & soften skin and prevent ingrown hair.

2 Easy Steps: 1. press on 2. zip off

Ideal for: chest, back & legs.

Contains: 20 (10 x 2 sided) strips, instuctions, 8 ml Azulene oil.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Read Instructions & cautions before use.


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Do these strips work on face neck etc? Will there be any ingrown hairs nd spots

REPLY TO: face

While we strongly advise against waxing a man's beard, the strips can be used on the face or neck, above and below the beard line.

You may however, prefer to use the Parissa Men's Brow Groomer Wax Strips - which are designed to be gentler on sensitive skin and a better size for the face:

Stirips are very easy to use and such smooth skin

Very easy to use and can be done just by yourself,,dosent really hut that bad at all ,,i have a tone body but not ripped and it still didn't hurt ,,makes me look amazing in my bathing suit,,THANK YOU

re: such smooth skin

Thanks for the props! We're always happy to help folks feel good about being in a bathing suit!

These strips are easy to use and effective

If you're a guy who has body hair you want to remove but have never had the courage or confidence to do so in the past - then Parissa wax strips are made for you! Being a "wax virgin" I was slightly apprehensive but these strips are easy to use and effective - Don't get me wrong - Its not pain free! Wow, never realised what girls went through, but believe me the results are well worth the discomfort. The only thing Id say is the strips really need to be warm before use, rubbing them between your palms isn't quite enough........ Happy waxing! John Eldridge

other parts

Do these strips work in anal nd pubi regions? If so what is tha pain like?

REPLY TO: other parts

Yes, the strips can be used to wax your pubic area. You may find however that cutting them makes them easier to manage.  In terms of  pain, well, no matter which method you use, lifting your hair out from the root feels the same (think of taking off a bandaid). It's a good idea to have the proceedure done professionally first, to get a better idea of it.

I've also got some tips on Brazilian waxing right here on the site:

Our Customer Care line is armed with experienced estheticians @ 1.888.986.9974 - so please call us so that we can better answer all your questions :)

re: easy and effective

Thanks for your comments John (and for acknowledging what we girls go through). You're right about the strips being warm enough - in cooler weather especially, you need to make sure they are good and warmed up before trying to separate the strips. Try rubbing them on your thigh or holding them near a lamp for a few seconds.

wax: glyceryl rosinate, brassica napus oil, cera alba, melaleuca alternafolia oil, azulene.                                      
azulene oil:, isopropyl myristate, d-alpha-tocopheryl, azulene, menthol.


Download instructions here:

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