Parissa Salon Body Sugar Hair Remover


Parissa Body Sugar Wax:  This natural, sugar-based wax is water washable and has the soothing benefits of chamomile to gently remove hair all over the body

Ideal for: Medium - fine hair on face, body legs and bikini. Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types, 

Contains:  16 fl oz of Professional Body Sugar in Metal Can (D: 3.4" x  H: 4.1")  Compatable with all Professional Wax Heaters.

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY: Cans are not microwaveable, professional heater required. Spatulas and Applicator Strips not included. 



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Question about heating options

So I've been using this wax in the small plastic cans but it seems more cost-efficient to buy a big can (I end up going through the little cans fairly quickly also). I'm not a professional but I don't mind investing some money in a proper heater. Is there one the team at Parissa might recommend?

 I've noticed how helpful the staff here is about answering comments so I hope you are able to point me in the right direction.

REPLY TO: question about heating options

Hi Laila,

I understand what you're saying about cost efficiency, but we don't recommend the professional sizes for home use, becaue they do require a professional heater (most suppliers will only sell to licenced estheticians) and you have to purchase the strips and spatulas seperately. 

However, if you love the sugar-based waxes, but want to be able to purchase them in a larger size, you could try Persian Cold Wax, Professional. The difference here is that the professional size Persian Cold Wax is in a microwaveable tub and it also fits on our wax warmer perfectly (so you can keep your wax right next to you, rather than have to streak back to the microwave halfway through your session, just as the UPS guy shows up at the front door...but that's a different story, haha)

You would still need to purchase the strips seperately, but as you probably know, with sugar based waxes, you can rinse and reuse your strips more than once.

Hope this helps!

wax:, sucrose, aqua, glycerin, chamomilla recutita, citric acid

azulene oil:, isopropyl myristate, td-alpha-tocopheryl, chamomilla recutita extract,  menthol 

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