Parissa Azulene Oil Aftercare


Azulene Oil: delivers effective relief from razor burn, bumps, redness & irritation. Apply daily to moisturize & prevent ingrown hair. Azulene, the active ingredient of chamomile, soothes & repairs for soft , smooth, healthy skin.

  • Use after shaving & waxing
  • Non-greasy
  • Vitamin E enriched
  • Alcohol & Fragrance free


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This is the only product that works for me in preventing in-grown hairs in my bikini area. I used to be able to buy this at Shoppers Drugmart in Toronto, but I haven't seen it for years now. The other waxing products, which I don't use, are still on the shelves. Where can I find this oil in Canada?


Hi, Thanks for being an Azulene Oil fan! Sorry you're having trouble finding it.

You can get this at the following Ontario Retailers as well as ordering it online. Many natural food stores also carry Parissa products.

  • Rexall
  • Pharmasave
  • Pharmaplus
If you still have trouble tracking it down, give me a call and I'll helkp you find the nearest store to you.

Where Have You Been Since My Early Teens?

The Waxes may be the bread winners, but the Azulene Oil is the bonus! I've been spending my money on the wrong product-Venus and Olay Bikini Kit. Was the Razor good, yes. Did the Olay Moisturizing Bikini Lotion prevent in growns? Not one darn bump that's for sure... The only thing it was good for was keeping the bumps moisturized.

You picked the right product-with no scent (it doesn't battle with my perfume or deodorant) and just the right size (when am I ever going to run out?). And for the cherry on top it inhibits hair growth...Now how did you accomplish that? Parissa is simply on another level when it comes to competition.

Oh! I just got a great idea, from now on I'm getting post-it notes and sticking them in the feminine aisles. They'll say: Go to if you want a good at-home-wax!

Yup, that's going to be my "giving" for the month of November.

REPLY TO: Where have you been


Love it!

I have tried quite a few different products to prevent ingrown hair, including Tend Skin, without any luck... Then I found Azulene Oil, and it works wonders!

Best for removing wax residue!

I have tried other oils to remove the wax residue off of both my body and the bathroom floor (haha) and nothing works as well as this! I really wish they made it in a bigger size, I go through this stuff really quite quickly when waxing large areas! Also the blue dye, is it really necessary?

REPLY: Best for removing wax residue!

We're glad you like the Azulene Oil...and yes, it's great to remove wax residue. Remember as well though, that the Azulene Oil is great for soothing skin after waxing and helping prevent ingrown hair. Finally, the blue colour isn't from a dye, that's the actual colour of Azulene, the active ingredient in Chamomile.

Karean Peterson

It is the best product I have used to prevent ingrown hairs and sooth my skin.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]

oil:  isopropyl myristate (vegetable source), d-alpha-tocopheryl(vitamin e), azulene (chamomilla recutita extract), menthol crystals

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