Parissa 2in1 Body Sugar Roll-On Hair Remover


2in1 Roll-On Body Sugar: a natural, washable hair remover with 2 mess-free, precision rollers. Easily roll-on product & zip off hair from the root for clean, salon-smooth skin up to 6 weeks.

3 Easy Steps: 1. Heat roller 2. roll-on body sugar 3. zip off with strips

Ideal for: beginners & pros.

Contains: 140ml sugar paste, 2 rollers, 20 washable strips and easy to follow photo instructions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Read instructions & cautions before use.


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First time buyer

This was the first time I made a Parissa purchase. I have heard of "sugaring" which is hair removal by heated sugar. I figured this might be a nice alternative to hard and soft waxes I normally use. I found that it's an easy application and that the washable cloth strips are great... however I did not have great hair removal results. I tested on eyebrows, lip, chin, and bikini. Thinner, longer hair worked best but the thicker darker hair did not. It was very inconsistent and the wax kept needing to be reheated. Overall the amount of product for the price was a disappointing. It makes a better sweetner than hair remover.

The roller

I have bought this product today and whilst its very good that what I have removed has worked well and doesn't hurt, I can't get the roller to roll properly - it stops moving and the wax won't apply. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

REPLY TO - the roller

Hi - I can't tell you for certain that the wax isn't warm enough. If the wax isn't flowing smoothly through the roller head, that means it isn't liquid enough. Make certain that the inside cap is removed, and warm the wax ball at 10 second intervals until it flows properly through the roller head when inverted in the supplied cup.
If you still have any trouble - please give our customer care line a call, and we'll help you out :)
1.888.986.9974 or 604.986.9974


Excellent site, keep up the good work

I've been searching in google for some ideas and accidentally found your web site. You truly can write and teach and inspire. Keep writing - I'll keep reading.

First time using 2 in 1 Roll-on

I used the 2 in 2 Roll-on for the first time. And it was great! it didnt hurt at all.. it is not sticky and removed everything ( i do not shave, unless is an "emergency") and i love that i can wash the strips and re-use them I loved it. I've tried everything! Because i hate getting waxed by someone else! I hope it works well next time!

REPLY TO: first time using

Thanks! Glad to hear it. You can also order the Roll-On Refil directly from us online.

Good alternative to salon.

I have used this product for the first time and am pleased with the results. I used to get bikini sugar at the salon but cant really afford it so I gave this a try. It worked well on longer hair, short hair from shaving are left behind. This is similar results as I would get at the salon, less the cost so I will use it again. Working on small section at a time, about 1 short roll, gave best results. I followed microwave instructions, did 10 seconds, then another 5 seconds. I soaked the ball in hot water a couple times to keep the sugar soft during application.

Safe to use with wax warmer?

Is it okay to put the ball on the wax warmer plate to heat it, or is it too hot for the ball's plastic?

Reply to: Safe to use with Wax Warmer

The Roll-On is best suited to be heated in a microwave or warm water bath. We do not recommend that you use the Wax Warmer to heat the Roll-On Body Sugar.

Check your technique

About the other reviews- I think it's important to make sure you're doing it properly. If you've never waxed/sugared before, then I would suggest going to a salon the first time, so you can watch them and also get a feel for how it's supposed to work. Also make sure you don't forget to warm up the ball in the microwave, and make sure you're applying the sugar, and pulling off the strips, in the proper directions. Also remember to pull off the strips very quickly, and to pull as straight back as possible, don't pull up. Having good technique will definitely affect your results.

Reply to: Check your technique

Thanks for your comment!
Very good advice indeed!

Worked well for Legs not for Bikini

I used Parissa product first time and i found it easy to use for legs hair removal.I was happy with outcome for my legs.

However, I tried to use it to remove hair in the bikini area and it didn't work, hair wasn't sticking to the strip!

reply to: Worked well for Legs not for Bikini

Thank you for your comment. Although the Roll-On is great for most hair types, it may not work as well for short, coarser hair in the bikini and underarm. Parissa Hot Wax is our most effective product for short, coarse or stubborn hair.

doesn't work very disappointed

Bought this product because I heard good things about parissa, I tried it on my underarms and it left my underarms bruised and sore and with all the hair still sitting there. What's up with this? Very disappointed since I brought this product with me on holidays at the beach and now am forced to go to a salon to wax my pits!

Thank you for your c

Thank you for your comment. Although the Roll-On is great for most hair types, it may not work as well for short, coarser hair in the bikini and underarm. Parissa Hot Wax is our most effective product for short, coarse or stubborn hair.
plaque cuisson


I'm sorry to hear you were disappointed. Your satisfaction is very important - please always contact us if you aren't completely happy. Every Parissa product is 100% guaranteed :)

Love it!

I'm using this product right now and I love it! I can actually apply wax to the back of my legs, which is the reason why I haven't been waxing lately (can't afford the salon). I love sugar because it's washable, so even if it does work a little less effectively as wax, I like it better.

Not working

Everything is great exept for the fact that it doesn't work at all. Takes about one hair at the time. Tried it once and threw it in the bin. So spend your money on something else.

I tried the 2 in 1 roll on

I tried the 2 in 1 roll on product and it does not work at all - i admit it was very easy to apply and use...but at the end of it, it took no hair off whatsoever! not impressed. Hot wax and warm waxes work much better.

reply to: I tried the 2in1 Roll-On

Remember that every Parissa product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you ever come across a situation where you are having trouble please give us a call (toll free) 1.888.986.9974

We want you to be a happy Parissa customer!

Parissa Customer Care

Parissa 2in1 Roll-On

I have used this product 3 times - the first 2 times I found it easy and effective - but the last time it was inconsistent and didn't strip off well - I wondered if this should have a "best by" date or something?

For upper legs and underarms it is really easy to use - I prefer the warm wax for lower legs - harder to use but better results.

wax: fructose, aqua, citric acid

Download a copy of our instructions here: 

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