The only thing that qualifies this entry as a "Men's Room" topic is that Pierre-Yves and I are both men and we had such a great day skiing that I had to post this picture. No other French-Canadian/Jamaican-Chinese can ski like this rude-boy. Here we are at the peak of Blackcomb getting ready to ski the back bowl of the glacier. The tree skiing was pretty phenomenal too. I wonder if there's a way to move the marketing office to Whistler.

The New "Award Winning" ECO-Home of Parissa Labs

*update* Parissa has just won another award for our facility! The City of North Vancouver's Design Excellence Award - honourable mention!

Its like breathing in nature itself.  

We've just moved to our brand new eco-facility here in North Vancouver, BC, where every morning smells fresh and earthy. We're not just surrounded by nature, we're submerged in it, which is exactly part of the plan. Because we had the luxury of building from the ground up, we were able to take every possible effort to design our facility targeting LEED Gold Standards as our goal. 

In-Store Demo's

Parissa has gained a reputation in the industry for being an approachable brand. One of the many ways we've earned that rep, is through hands on, face-to-face contact, like our "in-store Demos" where we offer free eyebrow waxing or upper-lip waxing. We demonstrate how to use Parissa waxes and particularly how easy it is to use Parissa Eyebrow Wax Strips.

Truly Natural

Care-Take, Celebrate, Elevate. These are the words that Sol Solomon, owner of Truly Natural Marketing, lives by. Sol is one of our favorite Parissa representatives in the US. Just last week, I had the pleasure of being his guest in New Hampshire. I visited his offices in the charming village of Sutton Mills and hung out with his family who fed me with the best organic food I've had in quite a long time.

I loved the fact that Truly Natural's "World Headquarters" are located in the historic General Store building on Main Street. Truly America at it's best.

Our Staff Has Snow On The Brain!

This year's been a fabulous snow season at some of our great local mountains. From the above picture you can understand why we'd be distracted at work. Alley took the day off on Monday to enjoy a day of major pow on Mount Washington on Vancouver Island and I've been hitting the slopes every weekend with my kids at Whistler.

Wax With (loving) Care

Now normally we'd have something about waxing mishaps in this section...but I really couldn't resist posting this picture of Janet stripping off back hair from a guy who had his head buried in his girlfriend's boobs. This situation could have turned into a sticky bit of mishap very quickly. Unfortunately, this was the last year the Kelowna Wakefest was held. Too bad...we had a great time in our waxing tent.

Gay Pride San Fran 2009

Janet, Alley and I headed down to San Francisco Pride Parade with our Express Spa Eyebrow Waxing Tent. This could have possibly been the funnest event we've ever done. We connected with a ton of great people and spread some Parissa love. Both Janet and Alley worked supremely hard all day. Janet and I gained a new appreciation for Alley's "huggy-bear" street sense. I hope Alley and Janet are looking forward to this year's event...I know I am.

2010 - Beautiful British Columbia

The seawall was packed this afternoon - with tourists and olympian athletes and cyclists and doddlers and locals...and warm Vancouver Sunshine. [watch video]

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