DeMystifying Waxing

What is it about the topic of waxing that brings out rumours, myths and horror stories? We think it's time to get that big hairy monster out from under the bed and debunk a few follicular fallacies, so here's The Waxing Guru speaking the truth about your unwarranted waxing worries.

Waxing Myth: "If I start waxing, my hair will grow back darker and thicker"

You deserve low maintenance soft skin.

Most of us are familiar with the basics: shaving, cream depilitories or going to the salon to get your waxing done. But if you've ever read a woman's magazine, you've likely also heard about do-it-yourself body waxing kits. So, why aren't you trying them? Perhaps it's not understanding exactly how well they work, or maybe uncertainty about how to do it yourself. Let's face it, nobody wants to spend time and money on something that isn't going to turn out. Fair enough.

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