Will I be red and bumpy afterward?

It's common to experience some redness or spots for a short time after hair removal, similar to tweezing. Generally, these effects dissipate after an hour or two, depending on your complexion and skin sensitivity. If you are new to waxing, redness or bumps may last longer, but decrease over time with each subsequent time you wax.
In areas where your hair is particularly strong, it's possible for a new waxer to see tiny dots of blood immediately after waxing. Don't be concerned it simply means that you've successfully taken the hair from the root, where blood capillaries are attached.

Parissa also includes a vial of Azulene Oil with each kit. Azulene is the active ingredient that gives chamomile it's soothing effects, so applying it to your skin immediately after waxing will calm your skin and help prevent redness (it's also great if you normally get razor rash).

Always read the instructions thoroughly and pay close attention to our common-sense cautions.

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