What is IPM?

You may see IPM listed as an ingredient on some of our boxes, because we use it in our Azulene Oil (blue vial of liquid in your kit)

This common ingredient is used in many of the body lotions, shampoos, cosmetics and creams you find at the drugstore, or cosmetics counter. In fact, it's often used in pharmeceutical ointments and healing creams because of it's ability to soothe and soften your skin.

IPM stands for Isopropyl Myristate and is derived from an organic acid called Myristic Acid which is found in most vegetable and animal fats.

The IPM in Parissa azulene oil is derived from vegetable fats, specifically nutmeg and palm seeds. We use IPM as a "carrier" oil to help deliver the soothing and calming components of Azulene to your skin. 

There is NO peanut oil in the IPM we use.

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