Help, How do I clean up a mess?

No problem!

Our Body Sugar is washable - meaning it rinses away with water.

Our Salon and Express Waxes clean up with any type of oil (canola, vegetable etc). If you've dripped or spilled the wax, you can either scrape it up with a spatula, or heat it with a blow dryer and wipe it away - then clean any remaining residue by applying some oil and rubbing.

If you spill wax on fabric, heat it with a hair drier until it's soft enough to scrape up - being careful not to smear it further. This next part is something I have tried on carpet and upholstery fabric (but not on a blouse) after scraping off the wax, I used some canola oil on a rag to clean up the remaining residue, then I used a product called FOLEX to clean up the oil mark.  Always use caution though - for colour-fastness and delicateness of the fabric. If you aren't sure - call a drycleaner and ask for advice.

One of our loyal customers emailed us to say they saved their carpet with Goo-Gone - thanks for the tip!


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