Are there special techniques for doing my own Brazilian waxing?


 Doing your own Brazilian wax takes patience to learn and lets be honest...a little *a-hem* flexibility.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • The hot wax is without question the best choice in your case. In terms of sensitivity, well, as with all Parissa products, they are so natural you could eat them so there won’t be any concern there. Secondly hot (or hard) waxes don’t stick to your skin as much, the just encapsulate the hairs, which is why they are so great for short or very coarse hair. 
  • Unlike all other waxes, when you are working with short coarse hair, you should apply the wax in the OPPOSITE direction the hair grows…I know, you’re thinking “WHAT??” but the fact is that by applying it this way, you can really lift and get under all the shorter hairs. Then as per normal you will be removing the wax in the opposite direction the hair grows. I know it seems odd but trust me, it will work beautifully for a Brazilian. 
  • If you find you are feeling tenderness (we all experience different levels of pain tolerance on different days) then try coating a cotton ball with a little bit of our Azulene oil then brushing it across the area where you’ll be applying the wax. Again, I know this may sound nuts – but what this will do, is provide a secondary barrier for your skin, further protecting it. **This is not a technique you would use with any other type of wax**   
  • It’s important to work in small sections, say about the size of a couple postage stamps or the width and length of two fingers.  
  • To avoid bruising, never wax over or into a bend in the skin. Keep your sections small and pulled taut enough so that you are working on a fairly flat surface. 
  • ALWAYS keep your skin pulled taut. Brazilian waxing means dealing with very flexible skin, and you must keep it held firmly. 
  • Discomfort can be eased by taking Advil about 20 minutes before waxing, and as you know, avoiding the days around your period. 
  • When tending to the, er…”back door” area – the same rules apply however you may find that propping a mirror up and kneeling on your toilet will optimize your vantage point 
  • NEVER pull away from the anal opening, as it will cause the zone to ‘gape’. Apply the wax starting near the opening and moving outward, then remove it starting from the outer point and pulling back toward the centre of the, like a bullseye :)
  • Please call me whenever you’re ready – and we can help you out with any other bits, so to speak 1.888.986.9974
Alley Laundry
Parissa Waxing Guru

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